Événements FLH has 13 years of experience in VIP sales. In 2000, we became the first company to employ this exclusive concept of retention.

In 2014, Événements FLH held more than 421 successful events. A total of 625,000 calls were made—from Quebec and by Quebecers—and graded and recorded, with support through supervision and coaching.

Our 12 trainers, making up the largest team of any Quebec private sales company, have mailed out more than one million fully personalized invitations and more than 600,000 conquest flyers.

Our seasoned team will be present at your event to ensure your fullest satisfaction. We are the only team that will respond to your concerns day or night. We’re also the only team that will inform you of incorrect addresses in your database before invitations are mailed out. This will give you the chance to update your files before mass mailing.

When a conquest sale takes place through Événements FLH, we make sure to provide you with the database used. This database is checked and updated in the National Do Not Call List, so it will be ready to be re-used for other purposes. We will be happy to filter it again to save you headaches.

Événements FLH also does promotion for sales of extended manufacturer warranties, which helps boost your client retention.

Triple your sales with Événements FLH.

Our success is a guarantee of your success.